Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Capital Market Deals

Quillion Capital Market ‘s dedicated and efficient team works round the clock to bring you the best deal possible. We are recognized for our tireless negotiation, excellent returns and creative strategies to building capital stack.

Commercial Properties

We provide services for the sale and purchase of commercial properties such as office buildings, retail malls, and industrial buildings. We provide second-to-none quality of service for our selected group of high profile clients, including identifying our clientele needs, property selection and other issues affecting the property.

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Hospitality Assets

Quillion Global has a strong foothold across our international network of hospitality assets. Our team of hotel real estate experts has extensive hospitality experience including expertise with all the major hotel brands ,independent and boutique hotel properties. 

Our Advisory Services team  provides invaluable services to clients through a qualified yet unbiased approach.  Through our extensive network, we have access to off market deals . 

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Luxury Homes

Our Lux Team is equipped with the knowledge to find you a luxurious residence in the gateway cities of Singapore, Shanghai, London, Sydney and more. We understand LUXURY …

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