About Us

About Us

About Us

Quillion is your compass to guide your real estate investments.

We are dedicated to matching you to the best Capital Markets and Luxury Real Estate properties suited to your needs and we believe in discreet property marketing. For your sales and purchases, we will provide you with the complete range of premium brokerage services:

  • Portfolio Evaluation and Optimisation

    Provide financial, supply-and-demand, and occupancy modelling to produce a comprehensive view of a client’s real estate portfolio.

  • Asset Due Diligence & Evaluation

    Provide a detailed review of existing and potential assets – including owned and leased properties – that illuminates both cost-effectiveness and usability factors on a stand-alone or comparative basis.

  • Macro-level Adjacency & Space Utilisation

    Create an in-depth view of the suitability of both existing and potential properties through a focus on organisational alignment and space optimisation.

  • Transaction Structuring

    Conduct project-specific and portfolio planning – including leasing, purchasing, exiting, and restructuring – based on financial drivers such as P&L, cash, and tax-related considerations.

  • Principal Representation

    Provide at–the-table transaction support and work directly with a client’s broker and the owner’s representatives as needed.


Whether it is Corporate Clients, High Net Worth Individuals, Seasoned Investors or First Time Home buyers, our teams prioritise the needs of the clients. Each member of Quillon Global is equipped with the growing information of the market to serve our clients with excellence. Our dedicated luxury market sales teams, capital market sales teams, and research analyst teams work together with a holistic approach. They keep in mind not only to carry out the complex transactions and asset management, but also place a heavy emphasis on our clients’ needs and satisfaction.

Michelle Lek

Founder and CEO


“We’re focused on our niche market: Capital Markets and High-end Real Estate. We’re very much service-oriented – be it wealth management, structuring deals, managing assets, marketing or branding properties, furnishing the apartments, tax planning or anything else. We truly value, develop and cherish our business relationships.”

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Be part of our growing team

We believe our greatest asset is our staff. We allocate our resources to recruit, train and retain our most important resources.

If you are interested in joining a company who places the staff as the most important priority, we have the following openings.

If you are interested to know more about these positions, please contact us directly at enquiries@quillionrealestate.com